Design your own custom illuminated wand - make it totally unique to you!

Edinburgh Gift Tickets

Physical tickets in the mail, e-ticket vouchers, and gift wrapping! 

The Potions Experience: Brew your own molecular potions with a working magic wand at The Cauldron venue in Edinburgh. Named to the top 10% of TripAdvisor attractions worldwide and as the #1 Bar to Visit/Thing to Do in London by Buzzfeed & Business Insider.

1. Paper Ticket + Gift Wrapping: This is a paper ticket with gift wrapping, which is mailed to you in the post and redeemed electronically by your recipient for the date and time of their choice. This is the full price of the ticketed experience, including a paper ticket and gift wrapping.

2. e-Ticket Voucher: This is redeemed by your recipient for the date and time of their choice. This option is the full price of the digital ticket WITHOUT a physical ticket or gift wrapping mailed to you. Your record of this booking is digital (there is no physical ticket).

3. Gift Wrapping Add-on: Use this add-on if you have already purchased a digital ticket separately  This option is suitable if you have already pre-booked and paid for the experience on a specific time and date or have purchased a digital voucher.

About Our Experiences

The Cauldron Co.'s award winning magical experiences bring fantasy to life before your eyes!  Gift wrapping for the experiences, which is delivered by post, comes with physical tickets, literature about the upcoming experience, and a hanging ornament to commemorate your visit. 

Don't take our word for it, here are just some of the 6k 5-star reviews from our customers!

“We could all benefit from a little more magic in the world. Incredible experience. Thank you!”

“This experience changed my life.”

“Awesome Experience! We traveled all the way from Texas to the UK and this was on the top of our list.

I'm so happy we were able to reserve a class. I cannot wait to do it again!”

“Loved it. Hell of a time. Would go again for sure.”

“One of the coolest, most fun experiences I've had since moving to New York! Exceptional community feeling throughout the entire bar! 1000% recommend.”

“I posted this on Instagram stories and sent a least five or six people the link to purchase!”


“This was a highlight for my trip to London! Everything from the atmosphere to the drinks was perfect.

I had a magical time!”

“Absolutely fantastic! A better night out has never been had! Insane value for money and something truly unique! Staff were great and place was decorated beautifully.”

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