Design your own custom illuminated wand - make it totally unique to you!


Monthly Subscription (Student) - Wizard Subjects come to life

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Wizard School is most definitely in session!

Bring magic to life for a special young wizard, using science, technology, and design! Each month a magical subject is made real through hands-on projects delivered to you that encourage learning with STEM, literature & creativity.

Student lessons

Made by educators

Each month of the curriculum will explore a different STEM-based magical subject: Spell Casting, Potions, Magical Plants, Astronomy, Cryptology, Magical Creatures, and more.
Made by educators to teach the magic of science, technology & literature.


Lesson 1: Wand Making

Students will paint their very own working magic wand. A magic wand is a young witch or wizard's primary instrument and should be unique for that magical being. This wand is made with The Cauldron's embedded technology and will be part of turning your young wizard's bedroom into a magic wand-activated exploratorium.

paint your own wand

Lesson 2: Spell Casting I.

Assemble & program a chest that opens with a special sequence of taps from your wand which only you know. Use it to store your magical possessions - including the equipment from the following lessons!

Magic locked chest

Lesson 3: Potion Making I.

We'll provide the essentials for you to brew an unparalleled potion! Mix your own clarified mocktail using the included peach and vanilla syrup, vanilla pods and potions equipment. Follow our instructions on the scroll and store your concoction in the custom-engraved artisan bottle ready for drinking!

Lesson 4: Astronomy

Assemble & program a magic wand-activated star projector. Have the night sky projected onto your bedroom ceiling! Use it to learn and identify different constellations. The stars are a powerful navigation tool for any witch, wizard or unicorn!

Lesson 5: Cryptology & Runes

Assemble your own cryptex to store items inside! You create the code of runes which unlocks it, so only you will know how to open it.

Lesson 6: Magical Creatures

Take care of a Dragon Egg! Paint it however you choose, or follow one of our tutorials to replicate the eggs of one of 3 different types of dragon. Assemble it in its dragon nest base, install the electronics and then program it to illuminate with whatever colour you choose when you tap it with your wand!

Dragon egg

Lesson 7: Magical Plants

Grow your own herbs, and assemble and program a plant pot for them. They will become magical herbs that react to your touch to turn LEDs on and off!

Lesson 8: Alchemy

Enter your alchemy class where you will use potions and spells *cough* science *cough* to conjure up magical reactions. This kit includes 3 experiments: erupting sugar snake, transmutating gold coins and edible rock candy. We've included ingredients and apparatus for you - but some require basic household items. Complete these tasks and you will be a wizard or witch in no time!

Lesson 9: Spell-book binding

Craft your own leather-bound spell-book with this all-in-one book-binding kit. We'll provide all the materials and tools to help you create a customised A5 book - perfect for noting down magical spells! You will learn the long-stitch technique which reveals an elegant yet simple spine to show off to your friends.

Lesson 10: Calligraphy

Shape a feather into a quill and then make a range of inks to use with it! We've included ingredients for some - but others we'll guide you to make using household items! To complete your calligraphy kit you'll also learn to make wax seals.



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More details

  • Each "Lesson" pertains to the next month's activity.
  • Lesson order may change depending on available shipments due to COVID-19.
  • The above images are examples of similar projects- final projects may not be exactly as depicted above!
  • Age: 12+
  • Warning: Kits may contain small parts that should not be swallowed.
  • Subscriptions renew automatically.
  • All prices in GBP.
  • Cancel anytime.

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