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Illuminated Magic Wand

Illuminated Magic Wand

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3D Printed Illuminated Magic Wand; Each one is unique!

Choose your own magic with our handmade magic wands that light up with the tap of a finger. These illuminated wands are magicineered at our London workshop.

Find a range of styles by scrolling through the images to find the style that calls to you.

Each Wand is made with a magical selection of the following specs;

Magic: Earth | Elder | Dark 

Handle: Cloaked | Fractal | Scale | Hammered | Twisted | Carved | Bone | Harlequin | Gem

Shaft: Spiral | Beaded | Harpstring | Diamond | Skeleton | Notched | Vortex | Rune | Natural

Wand Wood: Elm | Cherry | Kingswood | Elder | Alder | Oak | Yew | Walnut | Holly

Length: 13.25" | 13.5" | 13.75" | 14.5" 

    Handmade Wand

    Each wand is unique and handcrafted, measuring between 13.25" and 14.5".

    These wands are interactive and will pair with our line of Magic Wand-interactive items.

    Handmade Wand


    • Warning: This product is not a toy.
    • Suitable for ages 8+.
    • Manufactured by: The Magic of Things® Ltd, 94B Wallis Road, Studio D08, London, E9 5LN.

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