Cast Iron Cauldron

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Designed in our London "Magicineering" studio!

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Looking to level-up your potion game?
Every magical being needs a cauldron for their brews!

This cast-iron cauldron is ideal for mixing and serving all manner of potions, brews, cocktails and tinctures. And what's more, it is scientifically proven* that serving your potions in a cauldron can intensify their magical qualities and improve chances of successful hexing and/or charming. Impress your witchy pals with this traditional magical vessel!

*through approximately no science at all

Cast Iron Cauldron
    Cauldron Size:
  • Dimensions: 13.5 x 11.5cm // Capacity: 0.7L/23oz.
    Important care information:
  • You may notice a protective coating of wax on the surface of your cauldron the first time you unpack it. This is normal and can be cleaned away by following the instructions below.
  • Before first use: Wash the cauldron thoroughly with a scouring pad and boiling water, then place in the oven on a medium heat to dry. Once dry, coat the inside with a thin layer of cooking oil and return to the oven until the oil begins to smoke. Wipe the inside clean with a paper towel, and repeat the oiling, baking and wiping process until the towel wipes clean.
  • After each use you should wash, dry and coat the inside with oil, and store in a dry place with absorbent paper inside, to prolong the life of your cauldron.
  • Avoid placing your cauldron over direct flames as this will weaken the cast-iron and eventually cause cracking.
  • Avoid adding cold liquids to a warm cauldron. Allow the cauldron to cool first.
  • Your cauldron is suitable for cooking with, and can be used inside an oven, on a BBQ, or even over coals.

Cast Iron Cauldron


  • Made from cast-iron.
  • Warning: Not suitable for children under 8 years.
  • Sourced by: The Magic of Things® Ltd, 94B Wallis Road, Studio D08, London, E9 5LN.