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Cast Iron Cauldron

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We use these in our potion-making experiences in The Cauldron's venues around the world. With the correct care and attention when washing and cleaning, these 13.5cm x 11.5cm (0.7l) small cast iron cauldrons will last for years and years.

If you are looking to take your outdoor cooking to the next level, then why not try cooking with a traditional cauldron? Made from cast iron, its a great addition to your outdoor cooking experience and is sure to impress your friends and neighbours.

Witch Esmerelda S. Hatt from Bristol says:

“My potions were always such a mess, but after buying this cauldron I realised it was really down to my previous, low quality cauldron. Just two days into brewing and I succeeded in poisoning my wife. Thank you!"

Wizard Taylor Walker from Islington says:

"My cauldron is now the centerpiece of every cocktail party I throw. I even succeeded in brewing The Cauldron Stiff Tea at home-- thanks for the recipe!"

More Details

  • Product Dimensions 13.5cm x 11.5cm (0.7l)
  • Product may differ slightly from image shown. Image not to scale.
  • Remember, the watched cauldron never boils!

  • Wash out thoroughly with boiling water and scouring pad and leave to dry.
  • Coat the inside with cooking oil and heat until oil begins to smoke. Allow to cool.
  • Using a paper towel wipe inside clean. (Repeat until towel wipes clean) DO NOT leave them to drip dry.
  • The cauldron is now ready to use.
  • After cooking, re-oil and store with absorbent paper inside.
  • With time your cauldron will cherish your care

  • DANGER: If cooking with your cauldron, the entire cauldron will become hot, as it is made from cast iron. DO NOT TOUCH WHILE HOT.
  • Do not leave water or other liquid sitting in the bottom of the cauldron overnight, as it will rust.
  • Avoid placing the cauldron over direct flames - flames directly under the cauldron may weaken the cast-iron and eventually lead to cracking. If you can hear bubbling 2 metres away its cooking too fast, remove some coals to the side to reduce the heat.
  • Avoid adding cold liquids to a warm cauldron - pre-heat to boiling temperature or add small amounts at a time. Always wash a warm cauldron with hot water or leave to cool off before washing.

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