What you’ll get

  • 2 Super Peak Potions Tickets for each Wizard School Term (Spring, Summer, Autumn).  View our term schedule here.
  • 2 Bubbling Shots of Death each time you arrive to your scheduled sessions
  • First access to ticket bookings for each Term
  • 10% off all purchases at the venue
  • An Everlasting Magic Wand in the style of your choice, which will display your Wizard Name in your local venue

Annual Memberships are are up to 47% off the RRP.

Premium Members also get 2 Tickets to one Limited Edition Potions Experience of their choice: Halloween, Christmas, or Valentine’s.  These are our most festive times of year!

Membership Types

🌍 Every City Member: Immerse yourself in enchantment across multiple cities within your country.  Explore the mystical realms of New York City, Chicago and Philly with the US Every Venue Membership, or London, Brighton and Edinburgh with the UK Every Venue Membership

Remember to provide your membership email address when visiting any Cauldron venue globally to receive 10% off of food, drinks, and retail items in-venue.

Cauldron Membership Types

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Live Forevermore with an

Everlasting Magic Wand

Included in your membership is an "Everlasting Magic Wand," which will display the bearer's chosen magic wand and wizard name on a commemorative plaque that will hang in the your local venue forevermore. 

Term Schedule

Standard Offering

The Reaping

Brewing from Sept 4 to Jan 8

Immerse yourself in the dark enchantment of The Reaping, a haunting celebration of the harvest, hearth, and the thinning of the veil between worlds.

Debuts 4 new interactive potions.

Limited Edition


Brewing from Oct 2 to Nov 5

A dark and twisted tale of the harvest season and the most haunted time of year.

Adds 1 Limited Edition Halloween potion option to The Reaping menu.

Limited Edition


Brewing from Nov 24 to Jan 7

A twisted Christmas experience, where the fantastical worlds of holiday legends and dark fairytales collide.

Adds 1 Limited Edition Christmas potion option to The Reaping menu.