Celebrating Pride at The Cauldron

Celebrating Pride at The Cauldron

From two Pride street festivals to Abba Drag Bingo to board game nights for gaymers to a mermaid dunk tank—our venues are buzzing with activities that honor and uplift the LGBTQ+ community.

Greetings, magical beings! As a proud member of the queer community and the CEO and co-founder of The Cauldron Co., I am excited to share how we're celebrating Pride this year.

For me, it always comes back to our company’s mission:

to make magic real with science, technology, and design, and to create an inclusive community of people who believe that magic is possible—it’s just a matter of perspective.

The first half of our mission always gets the attention, but I would like to hone-in on the second part of our mission... the part that speaks to the importance of a celebration like Pride:

to create an inclusive community of people who believe that magic is possible—it’s just a matter of perspective.

Throughout June, we've curated a range of events and programs across all our venues worldwide. What's remarkable is that the majority of these Pride events are the brainchildren of our venue managers and teams, showcasing their creativity, passion, and desire to make a positive impact. It's inspiring to see their ideas come to life and the organizations they choose to support. 

We're especially committed to supporting our transgender community members, particularly trans women, who face unique challenges and dangers. By supporting organizations like Mermaids in the UK, The Translatinx Network in NYC, and The Trevor Project in Philly we stand in solidarity, offering support, understanding, and spaces that prioritize their safety, well-being, and dignity.

As any proud papa would be, please allow me to brag about our team members and their efforts!

The Cauldron NYC Downtown:
Leah, Juan, and their team have been helping to organize Pride Fest, an outdoor street festival on NYC’s historic Stone Street (where our venue is located), and signed The Cauldron NYC onto Miller Lite’s Open & Proud Initiative.  As the only LGBT-focused bar in Downtown NYC, they do a terrific job at continually programming throughout the year.  

Pride at The Cauldron

The Cauldron Philly:
Mike, Jon, and their team took part in the Pride Street Festival, which occurred directly in front of our venue on 13th & Locust in Philadelphia’s Gayborhood.  They organized an action-packed weekend of programming and fun!  They were shouted out in Philly Mag as one of the ways to celebrate Pride Month in Philly.  Later this month they are hosting their first Gaymers and Cocktails night to celebrate a love of Ludology and inclusion!

The Cauldron Edinburgh & Brighton:
Mike, Neil, Dan, and their teams at these two venues kicked off their Drag Bingo and show series this month. Brighton Pride is hosted in August, so The Cauldron Brighton is ramping  up to that celebration.  If you happen to be in Brighton in August, stop by the venue to take part in the "SAVE MAE THE MERMAID" dunk tank in our beer garden (proceeds go to Mermaids UK).

The Wands & Wizard Exploratorium London:
Tola, Declan, and their team in Soho hosted the Gaingels (one of our investors) and their portfolio companies for a Potions Class (see more here)!

The Cauldron Chicago:
The Cauldron Chicago opened on May 4th, and was named in Block Club Chicago’s “The Ultimate Guide To LGBTQ+-Owned Businesses In Chicago” and “Queer-Owned Restaurants in Chicago to Try this Pride Month.” Brad, Janna, Nikko, and their team at The Cauldron Chicago will begin with weekly programming and events, so be on the lookout!

Beyond the festivities of Pride Month, our mission remains clear: to champion kindness and inclusivity, and to create an inclusive community of people who believe that magic is possible—it’s just a matter of perspective.

Magical Regards,

Co-founder, The Cauldron Co.

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